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Founded in 1994, Montessori Oman is a private bilingual Montessori Pre-school for children aged 2- 6 years; Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception. It is under the license and supervision of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social Development. Internationally, the school is affiliated with Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) and The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). We are situated in a residential area in Al Qurum Heights. The aim of our school is to provide excellent Montessori education in a happy, relaxed and secure environment. The philosophy of Montessori education emphasizes the potential of the individual in ways specific to each child. Montessori Oman is committed to the teaching philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori with a belief that the most important time in a person's development is between birth and age six. Within a carefully prepared and intriguing environment and through the guidance of a loving and well-trained teacher, children are introduced to the joy of learning and move through their learning with confidence. Montessori Oman fosters individual excellence by encouraging each child's initiative and promotes independence as well as self-respect. We choose to emphasize our commonalities as a community rather than our differences.


Our Mission

Montessori Oman pledges to conduct professionally and personally in ways that will reflect our respect for each other and for the children we serve. We will do whatever is within our talents and capacity to protect the rights of each child to have the freedom and opportunity to develop his/her full potential. Our ultimate goal is to encourage children to become responsible citizens who have the ability and desire to fulfill lifetime educational and social goals.

Montessori Philosophy

Montessori is an education for life, a learning process where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment. It is based on the child's innate need to develop intellectual and physical abilities and provides a carefully prepared environment to meet and direct this need.

The Montessori approach to education is child centered and is based on mutual respect and co-operation. The teacher in a Montessori classroom is more of a guide and facilitator, respecting the concentration and varied learning approaches of the children. The innate creativity of the child is encouraged in curriculum activities from art and music learning to balance responsibilities with freedom of choice. Montessori offers children the opportunity to realize their potentials in a non-competitive environment and seeks to promote in them:

  • Self condifence and esteem
  • Independence and adaptability
  • A sense of achievement and self worth.
  • Corporation with others.
  • Initiative and self-motivation.
  • A sense of community and respect for their rights and of others.
  • Concentration and persistence in completing a task.

Our Facilities

Our Classrooms

The school building has been modified specially to cater to children. Classrooms are bright and spacious and structured to stimulate the child’s enthusiasm for new ideas and skills. The bathrooms are fitted with child-sized fixtures to encourage children’s independence and self-confidence.Montessori encourages learning through vertical grouping, in which children are placed in mixed ages. This provides a setting where learning takes place naturally from the prepared environment, the teachers, the assistants, and the other children.

Special Needs Classroom

In our mission to provide children equal learning opportunities, we have successfully welcomed children with special needs in our Montessori environment. Specialized staff oversee the classroom and provide individualized programs that cater to each child’s needs. Our aim is to provide a smooth transition from the special class to our regular classroom with his/her peers


The auditorium with its stage is dedicated to helping young minds and bodies grow. Our philosophy is to put child development at the heart of everything we do, using drama to develop your child's confidence, imagination, co-ordination, concentration, social skills and communication. The hall is also custom-fitted for gymnastics sessions to aid the child’s motor development enabling his bodily movements to be more flexible and controlled.

Swimming Pool

Our shaded swimming pool is at the appropriate height level for little swimmers, with an outdoor toilet and changing room facilities. The teacher gives children an introduction to water and helps them get rid of the initial fear of water.

Spacious Garden

Our spacious outdoor gardens provide the children with an opportunity to improve their physical fitness and exercise their social skills by making friends, as well as building problem solving skills. The children also have an opportunity to take care of our growing rabbit family in the garden. Hence, they are able to be in close contact with nature and develop a sense of care and respect for their environment. The children are also introduced to gardening activities of sowing seeds, watering plants and weeding the garden.

Cooking Sessions

The cooking sessions provide a sensorial experience that encourages children to use all their senses. Children have the opportunity to smell, feel different textures and watch the various cooking processes. They also have the opportunity to tryout and taste recipes from various cultures.

Field trips

Field trips provide the child with opportunity to explore and interact with the world beyond the classroom. It engages the child in an active hands-on experience and creates a meaningful connection to the community.

Security and Safety

Your Child's safety and security is our highest priority; the school is fitted with surveillance equipment and security measures to ensure the safety of our children. For security reasons, children can only be collected by their parents, guardians or authorized personal by the parents


Small to medium size vans with lap seatbelts are used. In order to reduce the travelling time, the bus will only travel to certain areas. A staff member with a contact number will pick up and drop off children to their homes. Children who ride in the school bus will follow strict safety rules.

Montessori Fundamentals

Respect and nurture the child:

Respecting and nurturing your child's dignity and ability is a critical element of our program. In Montessori classrooms, our directresses address the specific needs of your child, who learns through work, play and practice with hands-on materials. Our teachers are keenly aware of your child's developmental needs and introduce new challenges and materials accordingly.

Create a unique environment:

Our classrooms are very busy places. Indeed. Each is designed so that your child can access materials easily, selecting and replacing them at will. Always clean and tidy, our classrooms are also quieter than traditional classrooms. Because children choose their own activities, they remain interested and engaged in what they are learning and accomplishing. Our directresses are always nearby, observing the children and preparing for the next lesson or question. Children develop a love of learning that shines through as they treat their materials with care, returning each apparatus to its proper place at the end of each activity.

Children learn at their own paces:

At the Montessori Oman, children work individually and are encouraged to work at their own pace. We help every child discover and learn from his or her individual experiences. Our directress observes your child as he or she works, and quietly offers guidance and direction. As your child masters an exercise, the directress guides him or her to the next activity and the appropriate next challenge.

Ask the right questions:       

Every child needs a very special guide for his or her self-led journey of learning. Our teachers are skilled at directing the journey by asking questions rather than providing answers. This unique approach is the result of hundreds of hours of specialized training. Each directress and director is experienced at helping children build self-esteem and self-confidence through individual discovery. Our environment and method provides the discipline. Our teachers provide the guidance.

Prepare for a life time learning:

Our goal is simple. We prepare children for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning. Our directresses are committed to ensuring that your child receives a broad academic education in the context of a carefully planned, stimulating environment. Through our proven methods, we help children develop the essential foundation habits, attitudes, skills and ideas that will shape the way they discover, learn and succeed in life.