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Early Childhood Montessori Diploma

To develop a high level of professional competence in teaching and raising children from 2 to 6 years of age. This competence includes:

A knowledge of the Montessori ideas and principles
A knowledge of developmental psychology
A knowledge of the Montessori didactic materials
A knowledge of how to prepare and deliver a balanced curriculum
Entry Qualifications

The educational level is undergraduate; equivalent to 1st year university. Students must have:

  • - High school Certificate or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), or equivalent O levels
  • - Good proficiency of spoken and written English (1st year university level)
  • - Computer Skills
  • - Good Communication Skills
Course Requirement
  • - 210 hours of contact time with a tutor.
  • - Eleven modules covering the Syllabus.
  • - Teaching Practice: Students will be required to train at Montessori Oman or an approved training site by Montessori school for a minimum of 420 hours (equivalent to one full school semester), and complete all the required assignments under the supervision of Montessori Oman Centre.
  • Montessori Philosophy
  • Developmental Psychology
  • The Child Care, Health & Nutrition
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Observation & Assessment
  • Early Years Curriculum:

    • Activities of Everyday Living
    • Sensorial Education
    • Language skills
    • Literacy
    • Numeracy
    • Knowledge and Understanding of the world
    • Creativity
Course Structure Contact hours Credit hours
Study Skills 6
1. Montessori Philosophy 25 5
2. Child Development 20 5
3. Observation & Assessment 15 5
4. Contemporary Issues 12 5
5. Child Care, Health & Nutrition 15 5
Early Years Curriculum
6. Activities of Everyday living 15 5
7. Sensorial Education 30 5
8. Literacy 30 5
9. Numeracy 30 5
10. Knowledge and Understanding of the world 15 5
11. Creativity 15 5
Teaching practice 420 5
Total 60
Course Work
  • - Essays (2)
  • - Short Answer Papers
  • - Written assignments and Projects (3)
  • - Observations (3)
  • - Albums of Montessori apparatus (5)
  • -Teaching Practice

Outlines of curriculum and assessment procedures are given in the Student Handbook. A schedule of the due dates for course work will be submitted in due course.


Written: 2 Written Papers - Both papers are of three (3) hour duration and candidates are required to answer six (6) of the twelve (12) questions in each paper.

Practical: tests the knowledge on all areas of the Montessori materials based curriculum i.e. Activities of Everyday Living, Sensorial, Literacy, Numeracy and Arithmetic and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Examinations are held at the end of the term. Students are prepared for examinations towards the end of the course.


Oman Montessori Centre offers its Early Childhood Program in English and Arabic.

Equal Opportunities

The Centre adheres to an Equal Opportunities Policy. It is committed to promoting equality of opportunity throughout its activities and this includes employment policy, publications and student enrolment policy. No one will be discriminated against because of gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, age, disability or religion.


Students are required to attend a minimum of 90% of all lectures. Those students, who miss more than 10% of lectures (ten lectures), will be required to repeat that component of the course. Attendance is set at 210 hours.

The attendance policy also applies to the teaching practice placement; if the required teaching practice hours have not been completed by the end of the academic year, Montessori Oman cannot guarantee a position during the next course. The student will be required to complete the assignments, and attend an academic semester, minimum of 420 hours.

Course Fees

The course fees are RO. 3000 all exclusive. Registration is Ro.100. The full course fees must be paid upon registration. The student reserves the right to withdraw from their studies at any time during the course. In case of deferment, students should apply in writing one month in advance to Montessori Oman stating their reasons for deferment, on condition that course will be completed within 1 year of registration with MACTE, failing which Students will be obliged to re-register. Under no circumstances, however, is the Centre obliged to reimburse partial or full payment of the course.

Course fees include the course modules, textbooks, lectures, teaching practice placement, exam revision and the examination fees.

Program duration

(15) months, (9) months theory and (6) months of practical training


Students receive certificate of attendance after successfully passing each workshop

Students attain a Diploma certificate qualifying them to work in early childhood settings from MACTE - United States after the completion of all theoretical units as well as the required training teaching practice hours.